Cocaine conspiracy trial begins for northside gang leader

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 27, 2015) — Investigators claim Richard Bernard Grundy runs a murderous northside drug gang that may be responsible for 15-30 murders in Indianapolis over the last couple years.

Monday morning jury selection began in Grundy’s cocaine conspiracy trail that included a police chase and shots fired at pursuing officers one night last winter.

Grundy faces charges of cocaine dealing and conspiracy and carrying a handgun without a license.

The most serious charge carries a potential 16-year prison sentence.

Last January 29th Grundy and his crew are accused of leading IMPD officers and detectives assigned to a federal task force on a pursuit in the vicinity of 30th Street and Capitol Avenue on the city’s northside after being spotted dealing cocaine.

Shots were fired at the officers in what investigators claimed was an ambush, and while Grundy was charged with attempted murder, that count was dropped as prosecutors determined that their only evidence, proof of a phone call between Grundy and the accused shooter along the route, would not stand up before a jury.

A northside mother of two hit the floor as bullets piereced her window and were lodged in her living room wall.

The detectives had been conducting surveillance on Grundy and a reported stash house on West 30th Street as part of an on-going investigation that spanned back at least two years.

Sources tell Fox 59 News that more than two dozen murders, including several multiple homicides, may be linked to the Grundy operation.

John Means, a purported Grundy hit man, is currently awaiting trial on two double homicides within days early last year.

During jury selection, Deputy Prosecutor Ross Anderson told the assembled panel, “Guns will be part of this trial. Guns will come into evidence.”

Defense Attorney David Hennessey began chipping away at the State’s conspiracy case, asking the potential jurors to consider if, “it is possible to be hanging around with people that are up to no good but be involved?

“Conspiracy is when the Government wants to hold somebody responsible for something somebody else did,” said Hennessey.

The bust of the Grundy crew last winter came in the midst of an IMPD crackdown on criminal organizations citywide.

In 2014 Operation Family Ties, located just north of 38th Street and south of Butler Tarkington, was taken down, as was the Blockburners gang on the eastside last week with the help of dozens of FBI agents.

Coincidentally or not, after these busts, Indianapolis’ homicide rate has dropped significantly compared to a year ago and the number of multiple murders has also fallen off.



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