Disabled veterans living without air conditioning in summer heat

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 20, 2015) - Almost 100 disabled veterans in Indy had to suffer through the summer heat this weekend without air conditioning. It was a miserable weekend for the veterans living in the Lincoln apartment building on the city’s west side.

“No air conditioning, no elevators,” said disabled veteran Larry Miller who lives in the Lincoln apartment building.

“Some guys just suffered it out which I mean, I know it was very hard to do because I had to leave here myself,” he said.

Lightning struck the Lincoln apartment building Friday, knocking out the air conditioning, elevators, and the automated locking doors.

Miller spent the weekend at his son’s house. He said he was unable to suffer through the sweltering summer heat. He is a diabetic and says he couldn’t spend another second in his swampy apartment.

“We should’ve been where we can get some kind of food assistance or fans or anything,” he said.

“Saturday morning I woke up in just a ball of sweat and because of my condition, my disability and stuff like that, I damn near passed out,” said Howard Schmidt.

Schmidt is disabled from serving in Korea. He paid to stay in a hotel over the weekend. The busted air conditioning though is only one of his concerns.

“All the electronic door locks and stuff all the way around the building are messed up so basically they have to prop open the doors which could lead to people, it’s kind of dangerous, especially in this area,” he said.

Maintenance crews were seen working in the building Monday. But for almost 100 disabled vets, relief can’t come soon enough.

“It’s too hot to even be cooking in your apartment,” said Miller.

“If we weren’t here in most cases the rest of us would be homeless and out on the street,” said Schmidt.

The building’s management company said they are doing all they can as quickly as they can to restore the air conditioning, and repair the down elevators and doors. No time table was provided though as to when everything will be back up and running.

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