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Central Indiana bracing for extreme weekend heat

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 17, 2015) - We are in for a steamy weekend, and the heat can be downright dangerous. Area doctors say you shouldn't underestimate the heat, since we haven't seen much of it this summer.

Rain is the story of this Indiana summer, but Mother Nature's throwing us a curve this weekend, with scorching heat showing up for the first time.

"Oh yeah, I can feel it," Keith Smith said Friday.

We found Smith and crew cutting limbs in Speedway, still cleaning up after Monday's storms. They weren't the only ones with an outside office.

A few streets over roofers hammered away in the noontime sun, the mugginess catching some by surprise.

"Definitely not prepared for it. The heat is definitely something we haven't had in the past couple weeks," said Ethan Berry.

Dr. Tim Ellender is an emergency room physician at IU Health's Methodist Hospital. He said even routine outdoor work in extreme heat can pose a risk.

"Especially this summer at least, we've had pretty benign temperatures, it's been 70s, 80s, with very few that have gotten into the 90s, so when you have big shifts like this, people will sort of go about their normal business not realizing what the temperature really does to the body," he said.

With heat exhaustion, you might feel fatigued, with your skin going from clammy to dry.

Heat stroke is an emergency, when the body temperature rises to 104 degrees. You might be confused and dizzy with an increased heartbeat. In that case, get medical attention fast.

"Just realize and be aware. Take a break from time to time to allow yourself to get out of the heat, re-calibrate, and make sure you're drinking lots of fluids," said Ellender.

They are doctor's orders that could be lifesaving heading into a hot weekend.

Ellender also said it's critical to use sunscreen. SPF 50 is recommended if you are out in the sun, because you can experience burning in as little as ten minutes.

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