Marion County prosecutors, landlords unite to evict crime from apartment complexes

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INDIANAPOLIS (June 23, 1015) – Several dozen Marion County landlords teamed up with prosecutors Tuesday to target crime-ridden apartment complexes.

Prosecutors want to empower landlords this summer before it’s too late.

“Really it’s about quality of life, improving the quality of life for everybody,” Deborah Law said, a deputy prosecutor with Marion County.

A day-long seminar focused on crime prevention and enforcement, an issue prosecutors and landlords agree is hurting every part of the county. Earlier this year, for example, some residents moved out of a north side apartment complex after a rash of attacks, robberies and burglaries.

“I think it really is across the board,” Law said. “We may have a spike here and there, but it may be a different type of residential burglary that’s happening on the northwest side versus the southeast side, but it’s still all burglary and property crimes.”

Landlords and managers know they’re the first line of defense.

“Absolutely,” Jenna Day said, an Indianapolis apartment complex manager. “Because they’re going to come to me first. They’re going to say hey I’m not safe. Why is that? They’re going to want to ask question. They’re going to want answers.”

Mangers learned to spot warning signs Tuesday of teen gun violence, drugs and cyber-attacks.

Funding, though, may be one of the largest roadblocks to reduce the crime rate at complexes county-wide.

“Hopefully be able to take that back and put proposals together for budget pieces,” Day said. “Because that’s the other stickler for a lot of the apartment complexes represented here today.”

Prosecutors know their pre-crime efforts can only go so far. Their plea is to landlords and residents to do their part to keep their own communities safe.

“It’s all ultimately up to them,” Law said. “Just as any other education program we do.”

The landlord training sessions are free.

Click here for more information from the Marion County Prosecutors Office.

Another training session for all other rental properties is scheduled for Sept. 9 at the Community Health Pavilion in Speedway.

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