Indiana family implicated in CVS robbery scheme

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (May 29, 2015)-- Investigators in Lafayette said two brothers and their wives hatched a plan to rob a CVS Pharmacy for prescription pills over and over again. But the third time wasn’t the charm, and the seemingly well-thought-out plan ended in arrests.

It is a plan to rob and steal from a Lafayette CVS store that even shocks veteran investigators.

“In my thirty years, that’s the first time I can recall that many family members being involved in something of that magnitude together,” said Lt. Jim Taul with Lafayette Police.

Prosecutors on Thursday charged Temple Odom, her husband Jeffrey, his brother Kevin, and his wife Theresa with a long list of drug-related and conspiracy charges.

Investigators said it all started back on April 18, when Temple Odom went inside the CVS at Old U.S. 231 and Beck Lane and showed a note demanding drugs and saying she had a gun. Her husband Jeffrey acted as the lookout, and Kevin and Theresa were driving the getaway car, according to court documents.

Temple Odom told police she went back on May 17 and robbed the CVS again, but she was the only one who went inside. Odom told investigators the others stayed outside in the vehicle.

The third robbery on May 23 is when the rouse collapsed, according to investigators. Temple said she and her husband went into the store. Kevin stayed in the truck, and his wife Theresa was not there.

Lafayette Police caught Temple while responding to the robbery call. She was leaving the scene and had to be taken down forcefully, and officers observed bottles of prescription pills on Odom. The two brothers got away in a truck.

“I think they got by with it a couple times and thought they could do it again. We just happened to be pretty close,” said Taul.

But eventually investigators said, Temple told all, admitting to the robberies and the role of the four.

“Eventually you pay. Yes, you get caught,” said Gloria Long.

It came as a relief to some living nearby that a family’s hobby is over, for now.

“I would think anybody that would rob somebody would be dumb,” said Lloyd High.

At last check all four remained in the Tippecanoe County Jail.

Temple, Jeffrey, and Kevin Odom each face 11 different counts. Theresa Odom faces 7, because she was not present for the third robbery.

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