90-year-old WWII veteran’s car stolen on Memorial Day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BEECH GROVE, Ind. (May 28, 2015)-- On Memorial Day, we thank and honor those who fought for our country. This Memorial Day though, one World War II veteran got no thanks at all. Police are looking for the man they say stole his car in broad daylight.

“I got out and locked my car and walked down into the park a little way where there’s shade trees and a table,” said 90-year-old Hubert Strange.

Strange visits Ellenberger Park often.

“I like to go sit and watch the scenery,” he said.

The World War II Air Force veteran decided to spend some time at the park on Memorial Day. He was sitting at a table, when he says a stranger approached him and struck up conversation.

“All at once he jumped up and said, 'there’s a cop!' And I said 'so?' When I got up and looked towards my car, it was flashing; I said 'oh my God, he’s got my keys.'”

In broad daylight, his Buick disappeared in an instant. Strange is unaware how the man even got his keys.

“Sometimes I carry my keys in my hand, I don’t know if I laid them down or if they slipped out of my pocket or what the deal was,” he said.

Not only is he stuck with an empty garage, he’s without his wallet, glasses, cell phone, and perhaps most importantly, the car he used to take his 92-year-old sister to and from doctors’ appointments with.

“I’m doing without. My daughter, she comes when she can and she came yesterday and went to the grocery store for me. I’ve got a doctor appointment at the VA tomorrow-- she’ll be taking me there,” he said.

As of Thursday, police had no suspects. When Strange was asked if he is mad, or wants to see an arrest, he said, “I don’t like to be angry but you know, it’s a bad deal,” he said.

Strange’s family has set up an Indie-Go-Go page where they are accepting donations to help Strange buy a new car.

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