Emergency crews provide medical attention to dozens of overly intoxicated IndyCar fans

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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SPEEDWAY, INDIANA (May 23, 2015) – Just hours before the Indianapolis 500, race fans are gearing up for a big race day.  “This is my first Indy 500. I’m never missing another one in my entire life. This is the greatest day of my life,”  says an excited IndyCar fan.

While fans celebrate, paramedics grab their EMS gear before heading off into the crowd at the Indy 500.  Treating race fans who need medical assistance after a long day at the track.  “So far we have treated and transported 45 people from inside of the track. We are seeing what we expected. Sun exposure, dehydration, excess consumption of alcohol,” says Rochelle.

Indianapolis EMS is faced with the challenges of getting through thousands of people in the crowd, to find those that need help. The medics work does not end when race fans leave the track. It spans throughout the night, as fans continue to party.  Indianapolis EMS use golf carts to get through the large crowds, picking up patients and treating them on scene or transporting them to a local hospital.

“We use five carts overnight in the lot. Staffed with paramedics and EMT’s. Each medic has a zone and they can be flagged down by fans if they need help. They can also call 911 and the medics can track them down in the crowd,” says Rochelle.

Fans say they have noticed a large number of EMS and police patrolling the crowds at all hours and are looking forward to a safe and fun Indy 500.

“We have seen some people out of it, but at the same time there is nothing worse than any other year. It is part of being here, it is part of the experience,” says a IndyCar fan.

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