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Police searching for person of interest after shooting of women, children

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 6, 2015)-- Detectives have the name of a person they want to speak with regarding a shooting at a northwest side apartment complex Sunday night that left three children and two women wounded. Shelley Higgins-Jones, 49, is listed in critical condition. Her 4-year-old grandson is listed in serious condition. Raychel Fitzpatrick, 24, is listed in stable condition as are her two children, ages two and five.

Shelly Higgens-Jones (left) and Raychel Fitzpatrick (right)

Shelly Higgens-Jones (left) and Raychel Fitzpatrick (right)

"Three suspects entered into the apartment, opened fire on our victims inside of the residence and then immediately left the apartment complex in what we believe to be a silver or white vehicle,” said IMPD Lt. Richard Riddle. “We do believe that all the individuals involved in last night's incident knew each other, that they were not randomly targeted, and there's some type of ongoing relationship between the suspects, our victims and potentially the witness as well.”

The witness is Tyler Corbin, 24, boyfriend to Fitzpatrick and father of the children.

“That's concerning to us, those are questions that we are trying to figure out, too,” said Riddle, “Why individuals were targeted as young as two and three years old that were inside the apartment at the time and our witness, who is cooperating with us, at the time was unscathed by the gunfire?”

Tyler Corbin

Tyler Corbin

A neighbor who did not want to share her name described what happened at the Woods of Eagle Creek Apartments.

“First I heard some shooting and I could tell it was two different guns,” said the neighbor. “It was like a fast shooting and then a pop-pop-pop and then I heard tires squeeking and I heard a car pull off. Then maybe five or some minutes after that I heard some men out there talking and then later when I decided to look out the window there was police everywhere and that's all I know.”

A neighbor told CBS4 News that he spotted a huddle of young men on the sidewalk outside the apartment building earlier in the day.

Another resident said she had spotted three men dressed in black entering the apartment after 9 p.m. Minutes later, after hearing several shots, watched the men jump into a car and speed off, the vehicle’s doors still open.

“Obviously parents and individuals with kids are putting their children at harm by their lifestyles their activities and the people that they associate with,” said Riddle, “And it's concerning because obviously the people who are committing these crimes aren't afraid to shoot women and children."

“Collateral targets or innocent victims are being targeted by these individuals that are involved in narcotics and guns.”

The neighbor said she expected this type of violence would finally arrive in her community.

“All around here it's been happening so it was about time for us to get it,” she said. “Most of the time when there's trouble around here it's not the people that live here, it's people who come and visit and everybody's responsible for their own guests.”

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