Toy gun on school bus; some parents say school didn’t communicate

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (February, 9th 2015) – Students at Pleasant Run Elementary School reported seeing a gun on their school bus. Turns out, it was a toy gun. But some parents are upset, because they say the school didn’t tell them about the incident.

The school's principal says it happened Friday as kids were getting on the bus to go home. After students reported seeing it, the principal says he and a safety officer quickly determined it was a clear, plastic toy gun. The boy who brought the toy was taken off the bus and picked-up by a grandparent.

One parent we spoke with, who didn’t want to be identified, says her 6-year-old was on that bus and came home upset.

“She hasn’t been around guns, so that was a scary situation for her, not knowing if it was real or fake or what to do if he was to pull it out or try to use it. She had a lot of questions and we didn’t know how to answer it,” said the mother.

“We were hoping maybe by that afternoon we would’ve been notified about what happened, what was going on, but we never heard anything and didn’t hear anything over the weekend,” she said.

School leaders are praising the reaction of the young students on the bus, saying they did the right thing by telling the bus driver right away. A district spokesperson sent us this statement:

 “At no time was any threatening gestures made toward another kid and the child did not pose any danger to himself or any other child on the bus. We applaud the reactions of the students, who did the right thing by alerting the bus driver. The bus driver also followed protocol by immediately communicating with the building principal who acted responsibly in assessing the situation and facilitating dialogue with the child's parents.”

Dennis Jarrett

Director, Media and Community Relations

MSD of Warren Township

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