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Children’s Programming

We are proud to run children’s programming each week.  Reports of those programs can be found below:


For web:

Amanda Rakes
Digital Manager

For Public File questions, contact the station’s Public File Manager: 317-715-2761 or

For accessibility issues pertaining to the Online Public File, visit the FCC Website Help Page

FOX59/CBS4 Jobs

FOX59/CBS4 are about creating the future of news, and we are looking for wildly creative, highly skilled, aggressive journalists to be part of that.  Visit our job page to view available opportunities.

Equal Opportunity Employer

WTTV, an equal opportunity employer, is dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies. We seek the help of local organizations in referring qualified applicants. Organizations that wish to receive information about vacancies at the station should contact Amanda McClenny at 317-687-6581 or

FCC EEO Public File Reports: WXIN and WTTV

Video Requests

You can request copies (DVD/VHS) of our news broadcasts by contacting Cision Media at 1-800-621-0561.

NOTE: This service is owned and operated by Cision US, Inc. WTTV and CBS4 are in no way affiliated with nor contracted by Cision; the sole purpose of this number is to provide information to viewers. It is the consumer’s responsibility to fully understand any agreements and fees regarding Cision DVD dub requests.


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