Audio recording of man’s voice released in murder of Delphi teens; $50,000 reward offered

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    Teens urged to use technology safely following Delphi murders

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The best leads authorities have come from Liberty German’s cell phone: a suspect’s picture and an audio clip. Wednesday morning, authorities called her a “hero” for having the presence of mind to record what was happening in her final moments. And while it may be disturbing, technology like that may be what leads to a break in the case. Bottom line, experts say young people need to be aware of their surroundings and trust their guts. Again, police […]

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    New charges in death of woman dragged by car

    NDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Last month, 25-year-old Jordan King died after being dragged almost 100 feet by a car, allegedly by the man she went to buy heroin from. But in the days following her death, her family worried that suspect might not be held directly responsible for her death. “We just wanted to make sure our daughter had the right kind of justice,” said Jordan’s mother, Lisa King. Jordan was found on the side of Martin Luther King Jr. Street on […]

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    Psychologist offers advice to parents on how to discuss tragedy with children

    DELPHI, Ind.- As the search for answers continues to grow, so does the speculation about how 13-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old Liberty German died—speculation that can cause stress and anxiety in kids, especially teens. Experts say in situations like this parents are the ones who need to take the first step in making sure their own kids feel safe and secure. It’s a story playing out on TV, in newspapers and at break-neck speed on social media. And for kids […]

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    Police searching for man accused of flashing women along Monon Trail

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Indianapolis police are looking for a man they say exposed himself to several women along the Monon Trail on the city’s near north side.  According to investigators, the incident happened near the intersection of 49th Street and the Monon Trail. Authorities say the man knowingly ran past two women with his genitals fully exposed, then ran circles around them before he “tucked himself away and then ran off.” They say he also ran past a 14 or 15-year-old girl […]

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    Marion County Sheriff reflects on meeting President Trump

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Just two days after his meeting with President Donald Trump, Marion County Sheriff John Layton (D) sat down for an interview to talk about what he hopes President Trump will do for law enforcement here in central Indiana. He also spoke of the need to get better mental health care for inmates in Marion County. Sheriff Layton met with the President as part of the National Sheriff’s Association, which President Trump invited to the White House earlier this week. […]

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    Rexnord workers hold rally in effort to keep jobs in the US

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Some may say it’s a last-ditch effort to save their jobs, but for hundreds of Rexnord workers facing possible unemployment, it was worth a shot. Those workers packed a downtown meeting room Thursday night for the “Keep It Made in America” rally—each one of them hoping their jobs won’t be shipped overseas. “They pulled the rug right out from under me like they did the other 287 or 298 other people,” said Rexnord worker Don Zering, who has a […]

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    Noblesville man on diverted Indy flight says he was singled out by FBI

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- A Noblesville man wants to know why federal agents pulled him off an airplane, questioned him for hours, and then let him go. He says he was left with no explanation by authorities. Jaime Santana was on American Airlines Flight 1804 from Charlotte to Indianapolis Tuesday when it was diverted due to a bomb threat. He was returning home after spending a month visiting family in Puerto Rico. In an exclusive interview with CBS4, Santana claims he was […]

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    Elwood robbery prompts renewed calls for pharmacy protections

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- In light of Wednesday’s violent pharmacy robbery in Elwood, some state lawmakers are renewing their calls to get better protections put in place for pharmacists and pharmacy workers. Some say a new proposal making its way through the state legislature is what is needed. House Bill 1377 would require pharmacies to install time-delay safes, bolt those safes to the floor and install emergency call buttons in order to alert police. “The two options are catch them after the fact […]

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    Fake nurse sentenced to three months home detention

    Update (Jan. 11, 2016)– Ashley Johnson was sentenced to three months of home detention in this case. Original story:  INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A woman posing as a nurse has pleaded guilty to making false statements regarding healthcare and could face several years behind bars. Ashley Johnson was working for less than a month this past April at Clearvista Lake Health Campus in Indianapolis. According to court documents, Johnson was using the nurse license number of another woman who was also named Ashley […]

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    Police: Plainfield man tries to kill mom by setting house on fire

    PLAINFIELD, Ind.- Investigators say 25-year-old Caleb Cain tried to kill his own mom by burning down her house. “We have different, interesting cases that occur here in Plainfield every day but this is the first time I’ve seen one like this personally,” said Plainfield Police Detective Brian Bugler. Authorities say Cain showed up at his mother’s house in the early morning hours of December 28, doused her front door with gasoline and even sprayed WD-40 all over the windows, hoping it […]