As an Indianapolis native, there are fewer people better-suited to report on this great city than Trevor Shirley. He was born in Chicago, but grew up on Indy’s north side; graduating from North Central High School as a proud Panther and then from Indiana University in Bloomington with a journalism degree in hand. Having reported and anchored the news in South Bend, Indiana; Sarasota, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia, Trevor is happy to be back home, sharing great stories and digging for the truth all across Central Indiana.
As a reporter, Trevor has covered many high-profile national news stories, including hurricanes and tropical storms, Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign across Florida, and the dramatic arrival and treatment of Ebola patients in Atlanta. He also reported live from the Ferguson riots in Missouri, following the shooting death of Michael Brown in 2014 and from Chattanooga, Tennessee, after six military members were murdered by an ISIS-inspired attacker in 2015.
When not at work, Trevor enjoys traveling, reading and checking out new bars and restaurants. He also likes to stay active outside and has never been to a beach he didn’t love (as a warm weather guy, re-adjusting to the Indiana winter has been the only downside of coming back to the Midwest!). Trevor also enjoys scuba diving whenever he gets the chance.
Trevor is always looking for a great story to tell or a problem to solve. Feel free to send him an email at or a tweet @trevor_reports. And be sure to say hello if you see him out and about Indianapolis!!

Recent Articles
  • Councilman’s molestation charges open door for talks with your kids, experts say

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- With the charges of child molestation against Indianapolis City-Councilman Jeff Miller, and the allegations that keep coming out about big names in Hollywood and politics, the issue of sexual abuse is dominating the headlines. It is not a pretty subject to talk about, but experts say it is one that is especially important to discuss with your children, even though it can be terrifying. “There’s not necessarily a certain age, you just want to set the stage for […]

  • Woman reacts after deer causes car to explode

    COLUMBUS, Ind.- A Bartholomew county woman is warning drivers after she hit a deer and then her car exploded. Aimie Heltman said it all happened so fast, and now all that is left of her Honda CRV is a hulk of burnt wreckage. “It’s kind of surreal,” said Heltman, “and it all happened very, very quickly.” Friday morning, around 7:00, Heltman was heading east on Becks Grove Rd. in Columbus, when she said a huge deer leaped out from the woods, […]

  • Indy Chicken McNugget fight goes viral

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Video of a McDonald’s melee is going viral on social media, and the entire bizarre incident happened right here in Indianapolis. The video appears to show two women climbing through the drive-thru window of the McDonald’s at 16th and Meridian, enraged over a problem with Chicken McNuggets. The woman who shot the video, Monique McNeely, said she has been getting calls from as far away as New Zealand about the story. “All of a sudden, I hear […]

  • IN Focus: VP talks tax reform, issues statement on Roy Moore

    INDIANAPOLIS – During a visit Thursday to his home state, Vice President Mike Pence again made the case for tax reform in a round-table discussion on the GOP’s plan to overhaul the tax code. “We’re going continue to work on advancing the kind of tax relief that will create sustained growth in this economy,” said Pence during a speech at TKO Graphix in Plainfield. Facing a friendly crowd, Pence said he was there to listen, but his role as President […]

  • Sunday alcohol sales could be on the horizon

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- A major deal has been struck which could open the door to Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana. After arguing for decades, the Indiana Retail Council (IRC) and the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers (IABR) have agreed they’re both in favor of Sunday alcohol sales, but expanded cold beer sales won’t be in the works. “It’s a historic compromise,” said Grant Monahan, President of the IRC regarding Friday’s join statement with the IABR, which represents Indiana liquor stores. “It […]

  • Muncie charity asking for help after targeted by thieves

    MUNCIE, Ind.- The charity, Feed My Sheep, is asking for help after crooks broke into their storage unit, stealing and destroying supplies they need to serve meals to needy families on Thanksgiving. There’s just two weeks until Thanksgiving and Jeannine Lake, the charity’s director, is dealing with a problem she never anticipated. “We’re probably thinking maybe half of the things look like we might not be able to salvage,” said Lake. Sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning, thieves broke into […]

  • Husband of dad killed in fire speaks out

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Jason Doan died to save his family. That’s what his husband, Alan Marin, said just days after a fire ripped through their Indianapolis home on Thursday. Marin said his husband was always working and doing everything he could to make the lives of his kids the best they could. Right now he’s not remembering how Jason died, but how he lived and the example he tried to set for everyone. “His biggest focus was his family,” said Marin, […]

  • Local Special Olympian qualifies for Boston Marathon

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A local Special Olympics athlete has qualified for one of sporting’s most prestigious events—the Boston Marathon. Andrew Peterson, 24, has been a Special Olympics runner for years. He was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, but has never let its effects slow him down. During Saturday’s Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis, he finished three minutes faster than the time of three hours he was shooting for. “I was able to be pumped up though,” said Andrew. The goal Saturday was […]

  • Stranger coaxes students into car

    MARTINSVILLE, Ind.- Parents and teachers in Martinsville are on high alert after two middle schools kids got into a stranger’s car Wednesday morning as they were heading to school. Officials say that driver made “inappropriate advances” on one of those students before they got out of his car. “I’m really worried me that something like that could happen,” said Donald Smith, who was picking up his grandkids at Bell Intermediate Academy where the two victims are students. “This is a […]

  • FFA students visiting help Indy family in need

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A local family in need is saying thanks to a group of FFA students who helped them out when they didn’t have to. Now that family says they want to pay that kindness forward. The Amt family has been living in a hotel for the past week, after their home was left unlivable following a horrible water leak while they were on vacation. “We came home to our house completely flooded with water from a piece in the […]