Star Derry joined the CBS 4 Weather Authority in March of 2018.

Star earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Climatology & Hydrology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. Star’s meteorology career has kept her close to home. She grew up in Tinley Park, Illinois and was lucky enough to start her career at WIFR in Rockford, Illinois. After that, Star moved to WKOW in Madison, Wisconsin. After living in the Badger state, Star made the trip to WTTV here in Indianapolis. Star specializes in severe weather coverage and climatology.

Outside of work, Star spends her time on the trails with her horse, Kentucky Rain or playing with her cat, Alice.

Recent Articles
  • Scattered light rain Tuesday with warmer temps on the horizon

    Waking up in the 50s was a nice treat on this Tuesday morning!  Along with the warmer temps comes moisture.  Our dew points are even touching the low 50s, making it truly feel like spring. The Indianapolis Indians game this morning won’t have the best weather with isolated light showers all morning and into the early afternoon. Today’s high will be near 60 since we’ll be mainly cloudy and have a cool easterly breeze. Today won’t be a washout, though, […]

  • Rainy Monday with more rain Tuesday

    Rain is already spreading across Southern Indiana and coverage will spread from south to north over the course of Monday morning.  Even if you don’t see rain yet, grab an umbrella for later.  Temperatures will be comfortably cool today so just a jacket is needed. Temperatures will struggle as they hit the low 50s.  Don’t expect a big improvement even by late afternoon.  This time of year we should be in the 60s but won’t make it there today. Indians […]

  • Not as warm as yesterday but drying out

    A cool and cloudy start to Thursday is tough to take after the warm afternoon Wednesday. Our temps today will plummet to below average as we just barely reach the low 50s.  We really should be hitting the 60s this far into spring. We’re starting off cloudy but we’ll have sunshine by the afternoon. Notice on Futureview how the clouds are thinning out halfway through the morning.  Shortly after noon we’ll all be mainly sunny. Tomorrow will be a fantastic […]

  • Expect scattered showers Wednesday afternoon, light snow possible later

    Monday’s high was 37, Tuesday 57, and today we continue in the right direction with a high near 60°. Unfortunately it’ll be a struggle to get to that 60-degree mark, so plan for the 50s most of the afternoon. We could have rain anytime after 3 p.m., but most of us will see the rain closer to 5. The rain won’t amount to much. Most of us will get less than a quarter inch, and that’s good because the accumulated precipitation […]

  • Tuesday still cold but 10-plus degrees warmer than Monday

    Wind chills will be in the 20s all morning.  The wind will sustain 15-20 mph in the morning, 10-15 in the afternoon, and finally quiet down to around 5-8 mph this evening. The average high this far into April is around 64.  Today will still be much colder than normal, but it will be some 10 degrees warmer than Monday was.  We’ll consider that an improvement.  Additionally, today will be dry. Actual air temperature should hit 50 this afternoon, so […]

  • Light snow Monday with wind chills in the 20s

    The wind brought us the glorious 70s just a couple of days ago, but now that wind has shifted to the west, bringing much colder air with it. Wind chills will stay painfully in the 20s all Monday long. A winter coat is needed today and if you’ll be outside for more than a quick dash in and out, I’d recommend gloves and a hat.  A scarf is also a good one for this cold start to the week. Normal […]

  • Warm Friday with rain heading this way

    What a gorgeous way to wrap up the work week!  Soak it in while you can, though, because the temperatures start their tumble after today.  Monday we’re expecting flurries (unlikely any accumulation) and a high of only 40! We’re climbing into the 70s mid-morning and all of Friday afternoon will feature 70s with our warmest hour of the day right around that 80 mark.  We’ll have more clouds this afternoon but plenty of sun to enjoy before then. If you’re […]

  • Windy & warm Thursday with high in the 70s

    Wednesday saw a return to above average highs.  That was a huge improvement since eight of the first eleven days of April only got as high as the 40s. Thursday’s strong southerly flow will pump even warmer air into the region with highs soaring into the 70s.   By lunchtime we’ll be enjoying the 60s which is right about where we stopped on Wednesday.  It’ll be windy, but that sunshine will be tough to beat! If you’ll be stuck inside on […]

  • Wednesday to feel like spring with even warmer temperatures arriving soon

    Wednesday morning wind chills started off in the 20s, but this afternoon will really start to feel like spring!  Expect to be creeping up on 50 around lunchtime.  We’ll also enjoy much more of that warm sunshine today.  Clouds will fill in this afternoon and we will be mostly cloudy Wednesday night. After four days in a row of 40s, today we’ll enjoy the 50s all afternoon.  Our normal high this time of year is near 62, so today will […]

  • Cold today but wind brings warmer air later this week

    We have very few weather concerns this morning.  It’s cold and there are a few spots of patchy fog, but with as little wind as we have, dense fog should not be an issue. No sprinkles for Tuesday night’s Indians game!  It’ll still be just about as cold as the last few games have been, though. The great news is that we just have to get through Tuesday because the coming days will actually manage to feel spring-like. Here’s why: […]