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Jill Glavan is thrilled to be back in Indianapolis, where her family has lived for more than 10 years. After growing up in the Dallas, Texas area and going to school at the University of Missouri, she now considers herself an adopted Hoosier.

Jill began her career at WPTZ in Burlington, VT, where she got used to tough winters! In addition to her daily assignments, Jill did a yearlong series where she became a “localvore,” only eating food produced within 40 miles of her own home. It was a challenging project, but gave her an appreciation of local food and businesses.

Since joining the FOX59 team in 2012, Jill has contributed to every newscast. You can now see her on Fox 59 News at 10 and Newspoint at 11. She also produces the popular “Dirty Dining” series. When she’s not at work, she enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and cheering on her favorite teams: the Colts and Mizzou Tigers.

Recent Articles
  • Woman sentenced to 27 years for bizarre murder plot targeting Noblesville attorney

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A woman accused of plotting to kill an Indiana attorney learned her punishment Friday. A federal judge sentenced Renee Perillo to 27 years in prison, calling the case “diabolical” and “almost something that you would read in a novel.” U.S. Attorneys said Perillo and her son, Richard Perillo, tried to kill Rebecca Eimerman, an attorney from Noblesville, in a bizarre murder plot. According to testimony, the pair waited in the back of Eimerman’s car in May 2015 with […]

  • CBS4 Problem Solvers sees results as new year kicks into gear

    KOKOMO, Ind. — A few of the issues viewers brought to CBS4 Problem Solvers at the end of 2017 have now been resolved. Wanda Reynolds is moving around a lot better than she did back in November, when she called CBS4 Problem Solvers for help with her motorized wheelchair. At the time, Reynolds showed us that the seat on the chair was sagging, the back was torn, and the joystick was falling down, among other problems. CBS4 Problem Solvers spent […]

  • Family blames home warranty company for lack of heat

    ELWOOD, Ind. — A family forced out of their home in the frigid temperatures say they believe their home warranty company is to blame for their broken furnace. CBS4 Problem Solvers visited the Conner family on Friday and found the temperature in their home at 55 degrees. “It’s been one thing after another,” mom China Conner said. Conner, her husband, and her two kids have been sleeping at a neighbor’s home for two weeks. They say they’ve battled their broken […]

  • Dangerously cold temperatures have some industries working overtime

    CARMEL, Ind. — You may have stayed home for the holidays, but for some, the dangerously cold weather meant working overtime. Two of the busiest places in central Indiana through the holiday weekend were emergency rooms and heating companies. Matt Patrick, an on-call technician for Homesense Heating and Cooling, rang in the new year at work. Patrick was working on a broken furnace until after midnight Monday, then back at work by 8:00 a.m. “Crazy, that’s the best word I […]

  • Unruly home cleaned up months after CBS4 Problem Solvers report

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A homeowner is relieved after the city stepped in to clean up the unruly home next door. Looking out over her back fence now, it’s hard to imagine what the view from Beth Thompson’s yard looked like just months ago. “This looks so much better than it did,” Thompson said. In July, Thompson and her neighbor, Willie Pinkton, told CBS4 Problem Solvers they were sick of dealing with issues from the overgrowth at the home on the […]

  • Westfield woman fights to clean up vacant home next door

    WESTFIELD, Ind. — An elderly woman says the house next door to hers is literally falling apart, and she’s sick of it being open to vandals. Marie Fox contacted CBS4 Problem Solvers to see if she could get answers, after years of pushing on her own. Fox has lived in her neighborhood for decades. “It was the third house in this addition,” Fox said of the home next door. “That was the third one, we were the fifth one.” In […]

  • Report: Scammers using real jail number, name to target released inmates

    KOKOMO, Ind. — An unusual scam is making the rounds in central Indiana, and it’s not the first time. This week, a victim reported the scam to the Better Business Bureau of central Indiana’s Scam Tracker. Just two days after the victim was released from jail on bond, someone called and used the name of a real jail employee. The person said the victim “owed $1,500 more or they would revoke (his) bond,” according to the report. “He then told […]

  • Company admits it ignored woman’s complaints about storage barn for months

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An unused storage barn has been sitting on cinder blocks in a woman’s backyard for six months, despite her efforts to contact the company that installed it. The 10 x 16 foot barn Carol Tyler bought for $3,500 was supposed to add extra storage, like the similar ones her neighbors own, but she said she has yet to put anything in it. “I purchased something that I was wanting to use and I can’t use it,” Tyler […]

  • Family fights to get deposit back after ‘dream home’ falls through

    NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — A family that signed paperwork and put down a deposit to build their “dream home” is now fighting to get their money back. When Nelsen Leo signed on the dotted line to build the house in Hamilton County, he said he thought it was a done deal. Six months later, though, that’s far from the case. “I cannot move forward, and I cannot move backwards because they have my money,” Leo said. Leo and his wife, who […]

  • Online seller frustrated by flood of scammers instead of real buyers

    CARMEL, Ind. — After trying for weeks to sell a piece of workout equipment online, a woman said she was fed up with incessant scammers. Lugging the large total gym equipment around isn’t easy, but Marlene Franco-Velez seems to be stuck with it after her attempts to sell it in an online post failed. “I haven’t had any legitimate people asking,” Franco-Velez said. Instead, Franco-Velez said four different scammers tried to trick her with the same fake story. “(It’s) the […]