Jill Glavan is thrilled to be back in Indianapolis, where her family has lived for more than 10 years. After growing up in the Dallas, Texas area and going to school at the University of Missouri, she now considers herself an adopted Hoosier.

Jill began her career at WPTZ in Burlington, VT, where she got used to tough winters! In addition to her daily assignments, Jill did a yearlong series where she became a “localvore,” only eating food produced within 40 miles of her own home. It was a challenging project, but gave her an appreciation of local food and businesses.

Since joining the FOX59 team in 2012, Jill has contributed to every newscast. You can now see her on Fox 59 News at 10 and Newspoint at 11. She also produces the popular “Dirty Dining” series. When she’s not at work, she enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and cheering on her favorite teams: the Colts and Mizzou Tigers.

Recent Articles
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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — As spring arrives and landscaping jobs start picking up, Hoosiers may find it more difficult to find a company to do their work. Landscaping companies across the state are struggling because of restrictions to the federal H-2B work visa and a lack of willing local candidates, according to more than one statewide organization. Kevin Hughes, owner of Rosie’s Gardens and Hughes Landscaping on the north side, has a “Now Hiring” sign in front of his business and […]

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — CBS4 Problem Solvers stepped in to help a woman who said her furniture began falling apart just a few years after she bought it. Cheryl Sellars thought she’d own the leather furniture for a long time, so she said she was baffled when the red material covering her couch and two recliners began cracking, then peeling away. “This furniture looks like I’ve had it about 20 years or so,” Sellars said. Sellars bought the pieces from L […]

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    BEECH GROVE, Ind. — Buying a new car can mean peace of mind, unless that car turns out to be a lemon. Trey Williams, a small business owner, came to CBS4 Problem Solvers after he believed his Jeep Cherokee would qualify as a lemon. Williams bought the car brand new last June, but said it quickly started malfunctioning. Williams recorded videos for months, in which alerts would be flashing, the car wouldn’t shift, and strange things would happen like the […]

  • Family goes to court over unmoved trailer home

    NASHVILLE, Ind. — A family fighting to get a mobile home moved onto their property went to small claims court to try and get their money back. Leroy Miller and his wife showed up to the Brown County courthouse last week. Miller had filed a lawsuit against Michael Rodgers, the man he hired last year to move the mobile home. The Millers’ old home burned down in a devastating fire the day after Thanksgiving, and they found a woman in […]

  • Indiana’s narrow three day cancellation laws could leave you stuck

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Before you sign on the dotted line, you should be sure you know whether you can change your mind about the contract you’re authorizing. CBS4 Problem Solvers started looking into Indiana’s contract laws after hearing from a number of people who said, “I thought I could cancel,” or “I called within hours of signing up.” Most of those consumers had signed contracts with Indianapolis Singles, a local dating service. A CBS4 Problem Solvers investigation found high-priced contracts […]

  • Leak, $1,500 bill fixed after family contacts CBS4 Problem Solvers

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Months of high bills and headaches led a mother and daughter to contact CBS4 Problem Solvers for help. In December, after years of paying around $60 a month for water and sewer, their bill suddenly spiked to $250. It went from there, racking up more than $400 in both January and February. Their latest bill cost $1,500 and included a disconnection notice. The mother and daughter, who are disabled, asked CBS4 not to name them. They said […]

  • Moldy kitchen turns into $17,000 nightmare for Indianapolis woman

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — After finding mold in her 88-year-old mother’s kitchen, an Indianapolis woman says she fought for months with the contractor she hired to fix it. When she didn’t get her money back, Julie Burton-Ransom contacted CBS4 Problem Solvers. Nearly a year ago, Burton-Ransom noticed a strange smell in the home. “I got underneath the sink and it was mold,” Burton-Ransom said. She quickly went onto Home Advisor’s website, found a contractor, and hired him. According to a contract, […]

  • Family desperate to move mobile home onto property after filing lawsuit

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A family of four has been split up since November, and they say the man they hired to move their new home hasn’t made good on his promises. Leroy Miller’s life has been reduced to rubble, ever since his home in Brown County went up in flames the day after Thanksgiving. “I got out in my shoes, my wife had to go out in her bare feet. We lost everything we had,” Miller said. They thought they’d […]

  • More than $500 returned to woman after CBS4 Problem Solvers report

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A central Indiana woman’s employer handed her a check for more than $500 after CBS4 Problem Solvers stepped in to help with her case. Vickie Worley contacted CBS4 after she paid off an old debt through wage garnishment, but suddenly more money started coming out of her paychecks. “I was upset and I couldn’t figure it out,” Worley said. After reviewing Worley’s pay stubs and bringing it to the attention of ADP, a third-party company that handles […]

  • Family says $700 per month insurance plan nearly bankrupted them

    KIRKLIN, Ind. — A central Indiana family reached out to CBS4 Problem Solvers after they say no one could help them cancel a $700 per month insurance plan. Pashen Byers said she and her husband signed up for health insurance through his employer’s open enrollment period at the end of 2016, but it took until April 2017 to actually start their coverage because of a back-and-forth with the insurance company. When the plan finally started, Byers said they were immediately […]