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  • Young mother moved to Indy to start new life with son just a few months before fatal stabbing

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Friends and family of Carina Rodriguez, 22, are trying to understand why the young mother was murdered while working out in her apartment gym early Friday morning in downtown Indianapolis. Rodriguez moved to Indianapolis from Texas just a few months ago. She was pursuing her associate’s degree in the medical field, according to relatives. “She had recently gone back to school when she moved to Indiana and was doing amazing,” said longtime friend Ashley Lazo. “Always working […]

  • Study looks into link between opioid crisis and fewer men in labor force

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The opioid crisis is taking a toll on families across the country. Now, a new study reveals it may also be impacting the U.S. workforce. The researcher found as the number of opioid prescriptions went up, the number of men working went down. The report was written by Alan B. Kreuger, a professor of economics at Princeton University. “Labor force participation is lower and fell more in the 2000s in areas of the U.S. that have a […]

  • ‘Teachers’ Village’ planned for near east side neighborhood

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A “Teachers’ Village” is planned for a near east side neighborhood in hopes of revitalizing the area and retaining talented educators. Near East Area Renewal, also known as NEAR, is spearheading the efforts to turn abandoned homes and vacant lots into affordable housing for teachers. The project is planned for the 800 to 900 block of North Rural Street. “The houses have great bones,” said John Franklin Hay, executive director of NEAR. Renderings for the project line […]

  • IN Focus: How will NFL teams, fans react this weekend?

    INDIANAPOLIS —Politics and football are meshing together once again in the wake of President Donald Trump’s visit to Indianapolis Wednesday. Players across the league, including Colts team members, took a knee during the national anthem Sunday after Trump called for the firing of NFL players who do so. On his way to Indianapolis, Trump called out the NFL again. “The NFL is in a very bad box. You cannot have people disrespecting our national anthem, our flag, our country and […]

  • As haunted houses open up for season, not all do background checks on employees

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Haunted houses around central Indiana are opening up as the month of October nears. There are several in the area who are adding a layer to their locations by creating an interactive experience where actors are allowed to touch guests. While haunted houses in the area employs hundreds of people each year, CBS4 has learned they are not required to run background checks on job applicants. “Each establishment is responsible for their own background check requirements,” said […]

  • Beware of flood-damaged cars being sold in Indiana

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Thousands of vehicles were left totaled after devastating flooding hit parts of the southern United States in the last few weeks. Now, some of those flood-damaged cars could be making their way to states around the country, including Indiana, to be resold. The Indiana Attorney General’s Office is urging Hoosiers to research a vehicle before making a purchase, especially in the aftermath of these storms. Some of the cars ravaged by high water will be refurbished and […]

  • Muncie Schools superintendent says ISTEP results strongly linked to poverty rates

    MUNCIE, Ind. – A central Indiana superintendent is pointing out flaws in ISTEP results. Steven Baule, who leads Muncie Community Schools, says he found a strong link between poverty rates and ISTEP pass rates. “If you have students on free or reduced lunch, your ISTEP scores are going to be lower than if you have fewer students on free lunch,” Baule said. Baule tells CBS4 he analyzed test results and the percentage of students who qualify for free lunch in 23 […]

  • Indiana State Police on the lookout for drunk, speeding drivers on Labor Day

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indiana State Police are urging drivers to be cautious as they drive home after the holiday weekend. According to law enforcement, Labor Day Weekend is a historically dangerous time on the roads due to more traffic. State Trooper Rob McKeeman said officers will be spending 90 percent of their day out on the interstates with a focus on tracking down any drivers who are speeding or under the influence. Police carried out sobriety checkpoints throughout the weekend […]

  • Arlington High School parents, alumni prepare to address IPS board members about closures

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – When Tim Bass looks around his alma mater, Arlington High School, he sees potential. “We all volunteer,” said Bass, who is the alumni president. “We’re all committed to help Arlington succeed. We just want to see this stay as a high school on the east side of Indianapolis.” The Indianapolis Public Schools administration has recommended Arlington High School and Northwest High School be turned into middle schools. According to the plan, Arlington would also offer night high […]

  • Monroe Co. health department recommends naloxone training for county employees

    MONROE COUNTY, Ind. – As the opioid epidemic continues, some county governments are considering training employees on how to respond if they witness an overdose. The Monroe County Health Department administrator made recommendations to county commissioners this month about strategies to deal with drug addiction. She suggests offering naloxone training to all county employees. Naloxone is a drug that reverses the effects of an overdose. “It does say a lot and it’s truly a need,” said Penny Caudill, administrator at […]