LIVE STREAM: Officials discuss NCAA corruption scheme involving former Pacers player, nine others

I’m a southerner by birth, an east coaster by way of North Carolina and now a Hoosier. A tad confusing, but life is good. I love, love to travel.

My other loves: My wife, and three kids. We have a girl who learned to read at three years old and two boys who fight for superiority. Lately anything Star Wars or Disney are their distractions of choice. We home school and my wife says I’m the principal. The truth is, she’s in charge in all ways possible.

Professionally, I’ve worked as a reporter, investigative reporter, evening anchor and anchored in the morning. I’ve worked weekends and every possible schedule. Journalism means a lot to me. I truly believe our work makes a major difference holding the powerful accountable and keeping real people informed about the real world. Jackson, MS is my hometown and where I started my career following my days at Syracuse University. My second stop in Greensboro, NC is where I was voted Best TV Anchor by viewers and Emmy-nominated several times for best newscast along with my colleagues. Aside from daddy duty and work, I enjoy sharing my faith as a minister of Jesus Christ. Feeding hungry families and providing backpacks and school supplies to children are among the most satisfying and humbling experiences of my ministry life over the years. And hundreds of children have learned to swim for free thanks to a partnership with several YMCA branches who supported my vision to protect African-American kids who are three times more likely to die in the water.

Now we’re in Indy! We’re a Hoosier home now and my family is overjoyed about joining the CBS 4 This Morning family. While it means daddy is sleepy, it also means our family is together even more.

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    It was Sgt. Jeffery Reber’s honor and he was her pride and joy. “Scared me to death. But it’s what he wanted to do,” said Debra Reber. “My concern when he joined the Marines was, was he going to be able to handle it because he was so easy going. He thrived. He loved it.” Jeffery survived four deployments overseas to Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. Debra says he became a black belt and an expert shooter. But at great cost. […]

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Imagine it’s your job to immortalize Peyton Manning with your bare hands, for people all over the world to see for decades to come. One of Indiana’s very own won the job over artists across the country. He calls it the project of a lifetime. “Ever since the Roman times there’s been statues of Roman gladiators outside of the stadiums. That’s kind of basically what it is,” Ryan Feeney said. He’s creating the model of an idol–a statue […]

  • Rarely seen Indy 500 history from inside ‘The Vault’

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — You might’ve heard about a secret collection kept underneath the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. It’s called “The Vault.” We weren’t allowed down there or even to take photos. But CBS4’s Frank Mickens got a peek inside, thanks to the museum’s latest exhibit. FRANK: “So here we are at the IMS Museum and this is Jason Vansickle, one of the historians here.” FRANK: “I’m looking at this medal. What exactly is that?” JASON: “This is a pendant that they gave […]

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