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  • ‘Hero’ officer stopped Florida school shooter in 3 minutes, sheriff says

    OCALA, Fla. – A school resource officer is being praised for his taking quick action to stop a Florida school shooting Friday morning. One student was wounded at Forest High School in Ocala, Florida, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said. The incident occurred shortly before students were to walk out as part of a national protest against gun violence. A resource officer, Deputy Jimmy Long, heard a loud bang at 8:39 a.m. and rushed to the scene, Sheriff Billy Woods […]

  • CDC says to throw out all romaine lettuce as E. coli outbreak grows

    CNN — The number of people hospitalized due to a multistate E. coli outbreak linked to chopped romaine lettuce continues to grow, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. About 53 people have been reported sickened in 16 states since March 13, the CDC said. Thirty-one of those ill have been hospitalized. Five of them developed a type of kidney failure associated with an E. coli illness called hemolytic uremic syndrome, which can be life-threatening. No deaths have […]

  • New research says marijuana’s effects on young brains diminish 72 hours after use

    CNN – Marijuana is notorious for slowing certain cognitive functions such as learning, memory and attention span (maybe that’s why they call it “dope”?). But new research in young people suggests that these cognitive effects, while significant, may not persist for very long, even among chronic users. The meta-analysis, published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, combines data from 69 previous studies that look at the effects of heavy cannabis use on cognitive functioning in adolescents and young adults. It found that those young […]

  • Democratic party files lawsuit alleging Trump campaign, Russia, and WikiLeaks conspired to interfere in 2016 campaign

    The Democratic National Committee is suing the Trump campaign, Russia, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and several associates of President Donald Trump alleging a grand racketeering, hacking and fraudulent conspiracy that harmed Democrats through WikiLeaks’ publication of internal party emails during the 2016 presidential campaign. Those named in the lawsuit include several top Trump advisers who attended the now-infamous June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower, longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former campaign adviser George […]

  • Students begin walkouts on Columbine anniversary to demand action on gun reform

    Student protestors arrive on Capitol Hill shouting “Do your job Congress!” pic.twitter.com/0ItMmQbL3B — Ryan Nobles (@ryanobles) April 20, 2018 For the second time in two months, thousands of students from across the country are streaming out of class Friday as part of a National School Walkout to demand action on gun reform — even as Florida police investigate a fresh shooting that injured a student Friday morning. Students are walking out of class at 10 a.m. in each time zone to observe a moment of silence […]

  • New York nanny found guilty of murdering two young children in her care

    NEW YORK CITY. N.Y. — A New York nanny accused of murdering two children she was trusted to care for has learned her fate in a Manhattan courtroom. Yoselyn Ortega was found guilty on two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder for stabbing Lucia Krim, 6, and Leo Krim, 2, to death in their Upper West Side home in Manhattan in October 2012. Ortega showed little emotion when the counts were read. She kept her head up […]

  • Hoosier’s horrific journey takes her from Elkhart packing plant to the heart of ISIS

    For Samantha Sally, a vacation was all it took to flip her quiet middle-American world of muscle cars, cotton candy and an Indiana packing company, into the horror of the ritual beatings, serial rape, torture and propaganda videos of ISIS’s so-called Caliphate. A holiday is what her husband, Moussa Elhassani, promised her when she went to Hong Kong in 2014, she says. The couple was planning to move to Morocco to start a new, cheaper life, she says, and needed […]

  • Dinosaur puppet video with airmen goes viral, prompts firings and demotions

    The US Air Force is making it clear that dinosaur puppets have no place in its “time-honored” military traditions — levying tough punishments against three members of the Tennessee Air National Guard involved in a viral video depicting a reenlistment ceremony. All three of the individuals involved in the viral video — which showed a female non-commissioned officer taking the reenlistment oath with a dinosaur puppet on her right hand — were removed from their posts, according to an announcement […]

  • Pilot for Southwest Airlines flight 1380 praised for her ‘nerves of steel’ during emergency

    Things looked grim aboard the Southwest Airlines flight, but you wouldn’t have guessed it hearing the air of calm from the former Navy fighter pilot guiding the plane to safety. About 20 minutes after the flight departed from New York, passengers say they heard what sounded like explosions. Debris from an engine failure broke open a plane window. And what was most dire was a female passenger being sucked into the hole where the window had been. With oxygen masks dangling […]

  • Wednesday is the new deadline to file taxes due to IRS technical difficulties

    Taxpayers, you’re getting an extra day. Wednesday is the new deadline to file and pay taxes after the Internal Revenue Service spent hours dealing with technical difficulties on Tuesday. The Indiana Department of Revenue said it would follow suit and give taxpayers until midnight on Wednesday, April 18, to file their taxes and make any payments. The service that taxpayers use to file online was partly down throughout Tuesday morning and afternoon. “A number of IRS systems are unavailable at […]