Domestic violence shelter receives money for new Community Housing and Outreach Center

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An organization that helps survivors of domestic violence got a generous donation Wednesday to expand its efforts into the community of Indianapolis.

The Martin Luther King Community Development Corporation, which ceased operations in 2003, gave Coburn Place Safe Haven a one-time grant of $120,000.

The money was made available after the development corporation liquidated its final assets and Coburn Place will use the money for a new Community Housing and Outreach Center.

“Thirty to 45 days in a shelter doesn’t give a person enough time to really make a true change in their lives where they can be safe and start over again, but transitional housing and long-term housing supports can really give people the opportunity to break the cycle,” Coburn Place President Julia Kathary said.

The agency is still looking for the new location for its outreach center, but said it should open next year.

Coburn Place currently has 35 beds for survivors of domestic violence at its facility on 38th Street and in 2016 started placing survivors in community housing as well.

In the last two years, the organization has placed 33 families in community housing.

“Knowing that when I put the key in the door and turn, ‘this is mine,’ that gives someone coming out of a domestic violence situation power because they no longer have to depend on the individual that was supposed to care of them,” domestic violence survivor and Coburn Place Community Housing and Outreach Coordinator Carrie Stephens said. “They no longer have to depend on that individual that is hurting them. They no longer have to go that person for their needs to be met. They can meet their needs on their own.”

Coburn Place hopes to locate at least 20 additional families into community housing in 2018.

The MLK Community Development Corporation also donated $60,000 to the MLK Community Center as it allocated its final assets.

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