ISP troopers honored for saving lives of Hoosiers

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana State Police held an award ceremony Friday to honor individuals who helped save Hoosier lives.

8 Indiana State Troopers were honored along with two civilians and one reserve officer from the Rome City Police Department.

This bi-annual event was started in 2010 to publicly recognize the achievements, deeds of self-sacrifice, and accomplishment that all too often go without the proper recognition.

Trooper Aryaun Smith, Sergeant Josh Watson, and U.S. Postal Carrier Glenn Bass were among those that were presented with a Life Saving Award for their efforts on Sept. 20. Smith and Watson responded to  Bass’ concerns about one his customers along his mail route.

Smith went to the house and knocked on the door, checked windows and called out for the man.. After several minutes with no contact, Smith contacted Sgt. Watson for assistance. They spoke with a neighbor and determined that the man lived there alone and decided to force entry into the home to check his welfare.

Once inside the home, they began hearing muffled sounds of distress coming from a back bedroom. Inside the bedroom they found a man lying in the doorway who was extremely disoriented and unable to move.

An ambulance was called and Trooper Smith and Sergeant Watson began rendering first aid. The man had fallen into a mirrored closet door that shattered causing several cuts to him who had been lying there for several days.

The man spent multiple days in the hospital while he recovered from his injuries.

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