Richmond man arrested on neglect charge after infant hospitalized

RICHMOND, Ind. – Police arrested a Richmond man after an infant who was allegedly in his care was hospitalized.

On Aug. 10, Macy McCoy, the mother of the 3-month old infant, transported her baby to the hospital after she noticed marks on the child upon returning home from work.

Aaron Mayo, 27, was arrested Monday on a warrant accusing him of neglect for what happened to the infant on Aug. 10.

According to documents, Mayo did not have a place to live and was staying at McCoy’s residence on the condition that he would babysit the infant.

Mayo stated that he told McCoy he did not know what caused the marks and believed an old boyfriend, identified as Ian Johnson, could have been responsible for the marks.

Mayo stated that the day before, Johnson was alone with the child as was in Muncie visiting his son.

On Aug. 11, police spoke with doctors at Riley Hospital for Children. They confirmed that the infant had a frontal subdural hematoma.

They also noted bruising in the upper neck, back and chest area of the child and said they were consistent with fingertips being placed on the child.

Doctors said that the injuries could have been caused by someone grasping and putting down the infant down hard. They said the injuries were life threatening if the child wasn’t taken to the hospital.

On Aug. 17, Child Protective Services told police the child was placed on a feeding tube at Riley Hospital for Children. The infant was placed in custody of DCS.

A warrant was issued Mayo and he was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and neglect of a dependent.

Mayo was transported to the Wayne County Jail.

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