Peru woman creates unique anniversary gift involving dozens of people, spanning several countries

PERU, Ind. — A Peru woman created a unique anniversary gift that involved dozens of people and spanned several countries.

Kayla Friend tells FOX59 she met her husband Bryon 10 years ago at a park, and they got married on September 19, 2011.

For their sixth anniversary, she wanted to do something unique for Bryon. So she asked friends, family, and even complete strangers to make signs saying, “Bryon, Kayla’s love for you is so big, that it’s reached (blank).” They took the sign with them whenever they traveled, and then took a picture at the destination filling in the blank.

Kayla collected 139 pictures, including one from every state and many countries as well.

She started the project back in March and it involved many people, so she was worried someone would ruin the surprise. But thankfully no one did.

She made a scrapbook of all the photos she received, and gave it to Bryon today. Of course, he was very surprised, and he loved it.

Check out some of the photos Kayla included in the scrapbook below.

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