First responders build ramp for girl who lost part of leg in train accident

WAYNE TOWNSHIP, Ind. —A young girl who lost part of her leg in a train accident is getting an extra special birthday thanks to first responders who helped her at the scene. Wednesday, they built her a ramp outside her home.

Last month, witnesses said Breanna Brooks tried to jump on the ladder of a slow moving train on the west side. Her foot got caught and she was dragged down the tracks. She lost part of her leg.

“It was terrible first of all being a parent, it’s something you never want to see,” IMPD Sgt. Matt Morgan said.

Officials said Morgan’s quick actions at the scene between Holt Rd. and South Lynhurst Dr. might have saved her life. Morgan said since then, he’s kept in touch with Brooks.

“It’s like they’re a part of my family now,” Brooks said.

On her 12th birthday, Morgan joined other first responders with IMPD and the Wayne Township Fire Department, and Trustee Andy Harris to build Brooks a porch and ramp in front of her home.

“With everything that we saw, the bad that day, the flip side of it’s nice to see her recovering, smiling, having a good time, and seeing a birthday because very easily should could have never made it to this,” Morgan said.

But it’s clear there was much more than a ramp built, but a bond between Brooks and those who helped her.

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