Correctional officer arrested for drug trafficking in Putnamville

Justin Ray Johnson

GREENCASTLE, Ind. – An officer at the Putnamville Correctional Facility was arrested after police say he admitted to bringing illegal narcotics into the prison to give to inmates.

Investigators began looking into Officer Justin Ray Johnson after receiving information that he was trafficking with inmates, and when police brought him in for questioning, he admitted to it.

He said he was trafficking illegal narcotics into the facility on several occasions for multiple offenders. He also had cash and a loaded handgun in his vehicle on facility grounds.

“It is sad to see our own staff involved in trafficking, but they are not above the law. Any trafficker will be held accountable, and will be prosecuted to ensure the safety and security of our facility, as well as the department,” says PCF Warden Brian Smith.

Johnson was transported to the Putnam County Jail and charged with trafficking with an inmate a level 5 felony. He had a valid permit for the handgun, and it was transported to the jail and given to Putnam County Jail staff.

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