Indiana Task Force 1 remains in Texas as crews prepare for Hurricane Irma

KATY, Texas – Ten days in and our very own Indiana Task Force 1 crews are still working around the clock in the Houston area.

“A lot of flooding in the area still that they have to deal with,” said Task Force 1 PIO Mike Pruitt.

The task force sent in 22 highly skilled emergency responders from fire departments in and around Marion County to offer relief to the hundreds affected by Hurricane Harvey. The group is offering relief to those who have lost their family, friends, homes and peace of mind in the massive flooding.

“Right now, there is no end in sight as far as their work goes,” said Pruitt.

Each day brings a different set of challenges for crews.

“They actually had one opportunity to assist some ranchers with rescuing a calf that had been stuck in the flood waters,” said Pruitt.

The main goal is to aid the dozens of people who desperately need the first responders’ help.

“They have met a lot of people down there in that area and the interesting thing is that those folks are asking how we are doing. They are very resilient and they are working very hard to get their lives back in order, so anything that we can do to help them with that, we are trying to do that,” said Pruitt.

While the water still covers street signs, cars and homes, the task force says that they have seen an improvement in the Houston area.

“Lots of good things coming out of Texas as we continue to move forward on this disaster,” said Pruitt.

The task force is also preparing to respond to Hurricane Irma. Officials say they will call in additional members for the Irma relief, but, for now, they are just keeping a close eye on the storm.

“Looks like it will be a significant hurricane. It is just a matter of where it could potentially make landfall in the U.S.,” said Pruitt.

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