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Local man goes around town on bike fixing east side potholes

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - He's a one man show tackling potholes on the city's east side. Mike Warren says he was fed up with the bumpy roads, so four months ago he decided to take matters into his own hands.

"The government is not doing it, why don't I try to do it," Warren said.

Warren says he got frustrated after contacting the city about fixing potholes and going weeks without a response. So he went to the store, bought a few bags of asphalt, and got busy. He now calls the movement "Open Source Roads." He's spent $500 and filled about 50 potholes in the past four months.

"I fixed a pothole way better than what the city would have done," Warren said.

CBS4 spoke with Department of Public Works Chief Communications Officer  Betsy Whitmore who says they don't recommend people from following in Warren's footsteps.

"We do appreciate his passion to be part of helping things out, but there are certain protocols and a lot of times that permit that we pull and all of our contractors have to pull permits to work in the right of way because it is an assurance we know you're using the right safety protocols," Whitmore said.

Whitmore wouldn't say he was doing anything illegal, but she says technically he should have a permit to work on public assets. And most improtantly, she says they're concerned about Warren's safety.

Warren says he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. He wants to see other pothole vigilantes all around the city. His friend Chris is already helping out.

"I feel like with the resources we have now and volunteerism in neighborhoods like this we could tackle this pothole problem. This is a lot bigger than just me," Warren said.

DPW still urges citizens to report all potholes they would liked fixed through the city's RequestIndy page.

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