Suspect in fatal Muncie stabbing told police ‘he wanted to purge the wicked,’ affidavit says

Jaylin Ammon

MUNCIE, Ind. – A man accused of fatally stabbing a Muncie man told police he refers to himself as a martyr and “he wanted to purge the wicked,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

Police were dispatched the scene in the 200 block of W. 7th St. at about 12:12 p.m. Thursday. There, officers says they found a neighbor applying pressure to a stab wound on the 27-year-old victim’s neck. The victim was transported to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

An affidavit shows the suspect, 19-year-old Jaylin Edword Ammon, was spotted by a woman on 7th Street. That’s when Ammon reportedly told her “I took out a meth dealer! He was going to hurt my friends.” Court records say the woman told Ammon that he should go to police and he agreed.

When police took Ammon into custody a short time later, police say they found a pocket knife covered in what appeared to be blood in his pocket. The Muncie Star Press reports that he also appeared to have blood on his face, chest, neck, hands and forearms.

Scene of Muncie stabbing (Photo courtesy of the Muncie Star Press)

Ammon was transported to the Muncie Police Department, where officers spoke with him. During an interview, Ammon said the victim was dealing meth to his friends, an affidavit shows. Ammon reportedly said he was tired of the victim being at the apartment, so he asked him to leave. When the victim ignored him, Ammon told police that he retrieved a pocket knife and stabbed the victim in the neck.

Ammon told police that the victim tried to get away, but he held on to him until he was covered in so much blood that he was able to slip free. That’s when the victim reportedly crawled out of a window.

When asked how he felt after reflecting on what he had just done, Ammon said “Well, this is my cross to bear,” according to court documents.