Thousands of items sold at Indianapolis airport auction

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- With a pocket full of cash and an eye for bargains, Hoosiers like Geno Shoulders made out like a bandit at the Indianapolis Airport Authority Auction Tuesday.

More than 10,000 items were up for grabs during the event. According to Seth Seaton, the president of Key Auctioneers, just about everything will be sold.

“You could set up shop and try to retail out all that is here and in two years you’re still going to have equipment or gear that is left over. We’re going to sell it all in a day,” he said

The majority of the items sold are things the airport no longer needs. Items included farm equipment, power tools, office supplies and gear for first responders. That included a 75-foot aerial ladder fire truck.

The unclaimed property travelers have left behind were also being auctioned off. However, those items were reserved strictly for online bidding.

“You have all the things people will typically leave at the airport, your headphones, your cameras, your beach umbrellas,” Seaton said.

Online bidding for the unclaimed items will runs until about 8 p.m. Tuesday. An airport spokesperson says in total, auctions usually take in around $60 to $70,000 each year.

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