Delphi tip line leading to dozens of unrelated arrests

DELPHI, Ind. - Looking for leads in the deaths of two Delphi teens, a call on the tip line led to a cold case arrest in Cass County.

While being questioned about the deaths of Abigail Williams and Liberty German, Kevin Sellers admitted he killed his uncle 10 years ago.

Investigators with Indiana State Police said this isn't the first time they've solved unrelated cases thanks to tips on the Delphi line. In fact, they've solved between 20-25 separate cases.

"When we go interview them, we go to their house. They’ve got stolen articles in their house or they’ve got, unfortunately, we’ve found meth labs in homes. We’ve found drugs laying on tables. Warrants have been served, because when we go to do the background on that person, we find that persons wanted on another case," said ISP Sgt. Kim Riley.

In the Cass County case, court records state the "tip referred to Sellers as having killed his uncle some years before and had gotten away with it."  Sgt. Riley said it's common to get tips from people commenting on a potential suspects criminal background.

He said they investigate every tip that's called or emailed.

"They judge them on their validity and the information that is given," explained Sgt. Riley.

While tips for other cases have been helpful, investigators are still waiting for the one call that leads them to the man in the sketch, the person they believe is responsible for killing two teen girls.

"The main thing we’re looking at is to solve this case in particular. We want that one tip that is going to give us the information that will lead to the arrest and conviction," said Sgt. Riley.

Since the new sketch was released, investigators said they've received about 5,000 additional tips. They're up to more than 23,000 tips.

If you recognize the man or have any information about the case, call the Delphi tip line at: 844-569-5786.

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