Mt. Vernon School Corporation adding Wi-Fi on school buses

File image

FORTVILLE, Ind. – Students of the Mt. Vernon School Corporation will now have easier access to Wi-Fi thanks to a new project that was recently implemented.

After making modifications over the summer, the corporation is excited to announce the release of new and improved internet access for bus riders.

The new and improved Wi-Fi will reportedly feature student riding times, including trips to extra curricular activities.

All students can connect to the internet with the following process:

  • Ensure your device has Wi-Fi setting enabled
  • Click on the buses specified router using the 4 digit bus code provided by the driver
  • Enter the following password: student1 (all lowercase)
  • Launch your internet browser or applications to connect

The corporation says that they will blacklist inappropriate websites while using the Wi-Fi.

They also announced that their real-time GPS app, “Here Comes the Bus,” is currently being replaced with a different GPS program.

It will allow parents to view where their child’s bus in at in real-time. Mt. Vernon says it will share an update as soon as the app is ready.

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