Indiana DNR officials warn public about blue-green algae in lakes

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Watch out for blue-green algae if you’re going to the lake this summer.

The Department of Natural Resources says nine Indiana parks have high levels of blue-green algae right now.

They say algae is common, but blue-green algae can be dangerous. It can cause adverse health effects like stomach pain, vomiting, and rapid heartbeat.

The following lakes are affected by the advisory:

  • Mississinewa Lake – Miami SRA
  • Salamonie Lake – Lost Bridge West SRA
  • Sand Lake – Chain O’Lakes State Park
  • Hardy Lake – Hardy Lake State Recreation Area
  • Worster Lake – Potato Creek State Park
  • Whitewater Lake – Whitewater Memorial State Park
  • Brookville Lake – Quakertown State Recreation Area
  • Brookville Lake – Mounds State Recreation Area
  • Cecil M. Harden Lake – Raccoon Lake State Recreation Area

DNR officials say the public can help stop the spread of blue-green algae by avoiding the use of fertilizers with phosphorous.

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