City-County Council approves $20 million for planning, design of new justice campus

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Mayor Joe Hogsett’s proposal for a new justice campus is a step closer to becoming reality.

The Indianapolis City-County Council voted 17-7 to approve $20 million in funding for the design and planning of the more than $500 million project.

The money is a short-term loan, part of the project’s long-term financing if the jail moves forward.

There were more than a dozen speakers at Monday night’s meeting, both for and against the proposal.

Some opponents say the money can be used to better help those struggling with mental health issues and addiction. While supporters say the project will be good for the Twin Aire neighborhood, where the jail would be built.

Mayor Hogsett issued the following statement following the passing of the proposal:

“Tonight, thanks to forward-thinking members of our City-County Council, Indianapolis is closer to fundamentally reforming and improving our inefficient criminal justice system. Once complete, the Community Justice Campus will result in significant savings of tax dollars by addressing the root causes of crime, focusing on assessment and intervention in the lives of those struggling with substance abuse and mental illness.”

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