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Summer heat putting stress on Hoosier wallets

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Central Indiana is expected to have temperatures over 90 degrees for at least the next three days and with the humidity it will feel like it's more than 100 degrees outside.

“This time of year it’s really hot and we really want to let our customers to know that when the weather gets really hot in the summer time, we are here to help them," IPL Spokesperson Claire Dalton said.

The agency sees a spike in energy consumption from not only individual households, but also throughout the entire region, which means they have to prepare for those increases in energy demand.

IPL is currently working with its provider of energy, MISO, to make sure there is enough energy to go around.

However, while this heat can create a strain on the energy grid, it can also put a strain on your wallet.

IPL offers these simple tips to help you have some money on your energy bill at your house.

  • Keep it as warm as possible- IPL suggests 78 degrees or as warm as you can stand.
  • Keep your air filters clean- dirty filters can make your AC unit work harder than it needs to.
  • Reduce air leakage- make sure there are no holes or cracks around your house to let warm air get inside.
  • Turn off lights and use energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Close blinds and shades- Sunlight can actually heat your house.

If you're struggling to make ends meet this summer due to increasing electric bills, IPL has several resources available on its website. 

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