Roof removed from former Anderson school as rehabilitation begins

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ANDERSON, Ind. -- A dangerous roof which prompted a call to CBS4 Problem Solvers has been removed.

Last month, Jake Williams called to report pieces of the roof falling off and into traffic along Madison Avenue in Anderson. Williams said he was concerned after he saw a pedestrian nearly get hit.

"I’m afraid somebody’s going to get hurt," Williams said at the time.

CBS4 re-visited the building this week, where owner Ray Walker had responded to Williams' concern and begun taking down the roof.

On our visit, the roof had been fully collapsed and the process of salvaging the pieces was underway.

"That was the biggest thing we were trying to do was get that roof down," Walker said.

The building, at 19th and Madison, was formerly an Anderson elementary school. It has sat vacant for decades, and Walker bought it with the intention of rehabbing it to make it a youth center.

Walker runs a program called Saving the Next Generation, and he has dubbed the project at the school the "Miracle on Madison." He's hoping the community will buy-in and offer support.

"It’s really going to take a miracle because there’s a lot that has to be done, with it sitting vacant for as long as it has," Walker said. "I just would really hope that the community would come together and join in on this project."

Walker is currently hosting a campaign to raise the money to begin renovations. More information can be found on the program's Facebook page.

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