IMPD: Probationary officer to be fired after domestic battery arrest

Christopher Charles


Christopher Charles pleaded guilty to domestic battery on Nov. 9, 2017. He was sentenced to 353 days of probation and 26 weeks of domestic counseling.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – IMPD Chief Bryan Roach intends to fire a probationary officer after an off-duty IMPD officer was arrested Friday evening on allegations of domestic battery.

Probationary Officer Christopher Charles was arrested after police were sent to a Marathon gas station at Thompson Rd. and Arlington Ave. Friday night on reference to an allegation that domestic violence occurred earlier in the day at an undisclosed location.

When it was discovered that one of the involved parties was an IMPD Probationary Officer, detectives were reportedly brought in for further investigation.

Charles was arrested and transported to the Arrestee Processing Center for suspicion of battery and domestic battery.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will reportedly make a charging decision.

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