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Columbus man running 300 miles 4 Our Vets

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COLUMBUS, Ind .- A central Indiana Marine is training for a special mission next Month.

Kyle Killinger says his goal is to help veterans struggling with PTSD.

He’ll do this, in part, by running 300 miles in just seven days.

They’re like why are you running? I’ll stop running and I’ll say to them there are 22 veterans a day who commit suicide because they suffer with PTSD,” said Killinger.

This is an issue that’s unfortunately impacted Kyle personally.

Two men he went through boot camp with took their own lives after getting out of the military, and then just this month another Marine he was close with also committed suicide.

“It kills me. Like I said it’s never going to be easy whether I knew them or not. Even if I didn’t serve with them they’re still a brother or sister, that’s what the military, is just a big family we all look out for each other,” said Killinger.

Kyle’s upcoming journey will begin outside the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio on July 1.

It will end in his hometown of Columbus, Indiana on Saturday, July 8.

Killinger says his mileage will vary from day-to-day on his run.

“It’s like 40 one day, 35 the other day, I do have a 50 mile day,” said Killinger.

When Kyle did a similar run last year he posted video updates to his Facebook.

He plans to the same thing this time.

It’s a way for his supporters to track his progress, and cheer him on along the way.

There’s no goal time for Kyle to complete this run.

No medal will be waiting for him at the finish line.

Instead, his measure of success is the number of lives saved.

“Hopefully saving someone’s life, really. The finish line is always going to be nice—but this run isn’t about me or what I can do physically. It’s reaching out and spreading that awareness and honestly the main thing is saving veteran’s lives,” said Killinger.

As part of this effort, Kyle is also raising money for two organizations that work to eliminate veteran suicide.

For me information on how to donate click here.

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