EMS crews prepare for hot weekend in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — First responders are preparing for the weekend that’s expected to be the hottest of 2017, so far. With festivals and events planned around central Indiana, there’s the concern for dehydration and sun burns.

CBS4 rode along with Indianapolis EMS while they responded to calls throughout the city.

“I remember it being really hot that year. We had a lot of people that were getting overcome by the heat,” said district Lt. Doug Lackey.

This time last year, the weather conditions kept crews busy during Circle City Pride weekend. This weekend is expected to be no different.

“We probably go through a lot of IV fluid in the summertime, dehydrated people who’ve been out in the sun too long,” Lackey said.

A private EMS companies are generally hired for major events, like pride weekend. This weekend, I-EMS will be assisting on calls as needed.

“The most common thing we get called for would be an unconscious person and when we get there, they’re usually awake, but they’ll be disoriented. They’re overheated. They’re dehydrated,” said Lackey.

Festivals generally bring out people looking to have a good time and drink alcohol, but Lackey recommends people to drink beer and liquor only in moderation and drink plenty of water in between. Lackey said most people don’t realize they’re dehydrated until it’s too late.

“If you get to the point where you feel like you’re dizzy or lightheaded, the best thing you can do is sit down in the shade,” he said.

Another common mistake for anyone planning to be outside for extended periods of time is forgetting to re-apply sunscreen.

“A lot of times it is associated with outdoor festivals and such because people come out and they’re out all day, and when you’re busy and going around and doing stuff, you don’t think about your skin much, and the next thing you know, you’re burnt pretty bad,” he said.

The pride parade begins at 10 a.m. Saturday, followed by the festival at Military Park. For more on the events, click here.

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