Defending Indy 500 champ Alexander Rossi’s motorhome boasts video games, ‘minimalist’ refrigerator

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. – We see them all through the month of May topping 220 miles per hour, but have you ever wondered how IndyCar drivers live? All this week, we have an all-access pass, past the yellow shirts and into the driver’s compound for a tour inside their “homes” leading up to the Indianapolis 500.

So, how does an Indy 500 champion live during the month of May? Last year’s winner, Alexander Rossi, is about to show us.

Rossi: What’s up, how you doing? Come in!

Rachel: So this is how an Indy 500 champion lives?

Rossi: This is how I live kind of for a week and a half. I wouldn’t want to be in here for much longer than that.

Rachel: It’s pretty spacious though. You’ve got your nice little living space area.

Rossi: Living space, yeah, it’s good because we’ve got PS4, N64, everything so people can come play video games.

Rachel: What are your go-to games that you had to bring?

Rossi: Mario Kart

Rachel: Really?

Rachel: Did you get the new one yet?

Rossi: No, like Nintendo 64 Mario Kart, like retro.

Rachel: Good for you!

Rossi: So, then kitchen… it’s a good kitchen actually. Surprisingly you can cook, there’s a lot of counter space.

Rachel:  How much cooking do you actually do though?

Rossi: Well, I’ll show you. Do you see how perfectly new this is? That has never been touched.

Rachel: Straight out of the box. It’s like a showroom.

Rossi: So, it’s cooking “ready.”

Rossi: You can also tell with the ingredients we have in the fridge is uh…

Rachel: You’ve got a great selection of water there.

Rachel: So, you get your face on the Borg-Warner but you can’t fill your fridge.

Rossi: For sure.

Rossi: [Here’s the] bathroom and then a bed to sleep in.

Rachel: This is a lot bigger than some of the rooms that we’ve toured already.

Rossi: Is it?

Rachel: Yeah, some of them it’s like bed to wall.

Rossi: Oh no, it’s good. It’s got a really open feeling.

Rachel:  So, do you spend more time in your bedroom relaxing or out on the couch?

Rossi: No, out there. Because the TV is bigger.

Rachel: Are you pretty organized in here or is it just a mess when you open all the closets and compartments?

Rossi: No, see? I fold things.

Rachel: For a guy, I’m very impressed.

Rossi: And I’ve got things hanging, I don’t just throw things in there.

Rachel: I’m very impressed. This is a big move for a young man.

Rossi: Thank you very much.

Rachel: This isn’t a very common thing that I see. Usually it’s like thrown around.

Rossi: But my fridge is pretty strong.

Rachel: He’s a minimalist, guys, he’s a minimalist.

Only nine drivers, including Rossi, have won the Indianapolis 500 as a rookie. Starting on the front row on Sunday, he’s looking to make magic happen again with Andretti Autosport. But in the meantime, here in his home away from home, he’s got everything he needs… except for a fully stocked refrigerator.