The reason why Ball State chopped down the beloved ‘gum tree’

Photo of gum tree courtesy of Seth Slabaugh with The Star Press

MUNCIE, Ind. – First the demolition of LaFollette Complex, and now the destruction of the beloved gum tree?! It’s been a rough couple of months for Ball Stat students as another iconic landmark is no more.

The “gum tree” stood as a weird tradition / form of art for more than a decade near Bracken Library on the west side of the Emens Auditorium parking garage. Essentially, it was a place where students could put their chewed up gum.

But over the weekend, the tree was chopped down! Students were distraught to see a stump where the tree once was.

Ball State University spokesperson Joan Todd told the IndyStar that the tree was chopped down to make room for a new “walking mall.” She said the plans for the walking mall were publicly approved by the board.

A master plan shows a new pedestrian and bicycle path between the east side of campus and the recreation center.

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