Campus Parkway at I-69 shifts to double-crossover diamond interchange traffic pattern starting May 8th

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Double-Crossover Diamond Interchange


FISHERS, Ind. — The Campus Parkway interchange at Interstate 69 Exit 210 will be shifted into a double-crossover diamond traffic pattern starting on or after May 8. Shifting traffic into the double-crossover diamond pattern is intended to improve traffic flow during the remainder of construction of the permanent interchange improvements.

The Campus Parkway interchange will remain under construction, and the new double-crossover diamond is expected to be fully open to traffic in July. Multiple traffic lane shifts will be required in the upcoming months to complete remaining construction of the new interchange design. Each phase of remaining construction will bring the interchange closer to its final traffic configuration and capacity.

Two similar interchanges have been constructed with success in Indiana. The first was at I-69 and Dupont Road in Fort Wayne, and the second was built at I-65 and Worthsville Road in Greenwood.

This interchange design may appear unusual, but by following signs, pavement markings and traffic signal instructions, drivers find these interchanges easy to navigate.

Drivers that currently turn right at the I-69 and Campus Parkway interchange will continue to do so.

Traffic signals, signs and pavement markings will briefly shift traffic to the left side of the road at the bridge across I-69. This allows left-turning traffic to flow more freely as it enters and exits I-69.

Through traffic on Campus Parkway will shift back to the right side of the road at the next traffic signal.

Added travel lane construction

Reconfiguring Campus Parkway at I-69 to a double-crossover diamond interchange is part of the $92 million I-69 Major Moves 2020 project adding a travel lane to each direction of I-69 between State Road 37 (Exit 205) and State Road 38 (Exit 219). In addition, other improvements are being made to rehabilitate existing bridges, pavement and drainage structures on the 15-mile stretch of interstate.

Two lanes of traffic in each direction of I-69 are currently shifted to accommodate construction of the additional travel lanes. Signs direct large trucks to use the left lane while traffic is shifted toward the right shoulder through the work zone. The speed limit is reduced to 60 mph and further reduced to 50 mph when workers are present.

For more information about the new double-crossover diamond interchange at Campus Parkway, as well as diagrams of the remaining traffic phases,drivers can go to

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