Flood Warning issued for several central Indiana counties, including Marion until 8:45 p.m.

Kilroys gives $1,000 to Lebanon Little League to replace stolen softballs

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Last week, CBS4 told you about thieves who stole nearly $1,000 worth of softballs from the Lebanon Little League.

Lebanon Little League President Chip Hunter pleaded with the thieves asking them to drop the softballs off at the ballpark and there would be no questions asked. Unfortunately, the thieves did not come forward, but a local bar did.

Thanks to Kilroys, this story has a happy ending. Kilroys’ owner Chris Burton contacted CBS4 and said the bar would be happy to help out the little league. Kilroys then wrote Lebanon Little League a check for $1,000 to replace the stolen equipment.

The softballs were supposed to last the league the whole season and now thanks to Kilroys, they will.

The original story of the stolen softballs is attached below.


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