First responders in Fishers pushing new ‘File of Life’ packets

FISHERS, Ind. - First responders in Fishers are pushing a new product that they say will help them better serve residents in emergency situations.

“Come and get a (File of Life packet) if you can because it’s going to benefit you in the long run," Fishers EMS Chief Steve Davison said. "Information is vital in an emergency and the more information that we can have, the better care we can provide and the better care the doctors at the hospital can provide."

The File of Life program is in 18 million households around the nation, but is just gaining traction in Hamilton County.

The packets go on a person's refrigerators and contain information for first responders including accurate medical histories, current medications and doctor information.

“It’s difficult sometimes. When people call 911 they are in a position where they may or may not be in position to give us reliable information or information at all," Chief Davison said. “So if we have the ability to look at medications they are on, look at their history, we have a better idea of what’s going on with them and more importantly how we can best treat them.”

The packets are available now at Fishers Fire Department's main headquarters, located at 2 Municipal Drive.

Stacey Oldham helped bring the program to Fishers and has File of Life packets filled out for everyone in her family.

“If my son’s having a food allergy you have seconds. You don’t have minutes," Oldham said. "So that information being written down, his allergist name and telephone number on piece of paper... (EMS personnel) are on it. So it’s a proactive way to keep yourself safe.”

Fishers also has an online database for first responders to get important medical information for its residents. You can learn more about that here.

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