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Hoosier State in top 10 for biggest price hike at the gas pump

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind — If your holiday weekend puts you on the road, be prepared to pay a bit more at the gas pump before you head out.

According to, drivers across the USA are paying an average of $2.39 a gallon, which is six cents more expensive than one week ago, nine cents more than one month ago and 35 cents more than one year ago. The national average is at its highest price this year and has now increased for 13 of the last 14 days.

Quick Stats

  • The nation’s top ten least expensive markets are: South Carolina ($2.11), Alabama ($2.14), Tennessee ($2.14), Mississippi ($2.14), Oklahoma ($2.15), Arkansas ($2.16), Virginia ($2.19), Louisiana ($2.19), Missouri ($2.20) and Texas ($2.21).
  • The nation’s top ten most expensive markets are: Hawaii ($3.04), California ($2.99), Washington ($2.89), Alaska ($2.88), Oregon ($2.75), Nevada ($2.67), Pennsylvania ($2.59), Michigan ($2.57), District of Columbia ($2.54) and Illinois ($2.51)
  • The nation’s top ten markets with the largest weekly increases include: Kentucky (+15 cents), Florida (+12 cents), Michigan (+12 cents), Indiana (+11 cents), Alaska (+10 cents), Missouri (+9 cents), Pennsylvania (+9 cents), Illinois (+9 cents), Georgia (+7 cents) and Colorado (+7 cents).

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