Traffic hazard causes headaches for drivers on I-465 near US 31/Meridian Street

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A semi truck that was too large to fit underneath a bridge caused massive backups and headaches for drivers along westbound I-465 Tuesday afternoon and evening.

The traffic hazard shut down all lanes near U.S. 31 and Meridian Street for a few hours this afternoon, and will cause more issues after rush hour.

Indiana State Police say the truck driver entered the interstate and made it to the Meridian Street exit before he realized he wouldn’t fit under the bridge.

Troppers stopped traffic and tried to have the truck driver back up to get off the interstate. That effort caused confusion from drivers, creating potential safety issues.

Officials currently have the truck tucked off the roadway and they’ll attempt to back the truck off and onto an exit after rush hour. No specific time frame was provided. ISP says it’s fortunate the driver realized his mistake before trying to go under the bridge.

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