Missouri mom celebrates daughter’s first birthday with Taco Bell-themed photoshoot

WENTZVILLE, Mo.– A Missouri girl’s Taco Bell-themed birthday celebration is getting a lot of attention online.

Delta just turned one, and her mom decided to go a different route than usual for the photoshoot.

Monica Phillips says Delta loves food, but doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth. Phillips and her other daughters say they love Taco Bell–and Phillip’s first unofficial date with her husband was at the fast food chain.

On top of all that, Phillips says with her second child, her water broke as she was waiting in the drive-thru at the same location.

She was inspired by a “donut smash” online and decided tacos would be a fun spin on it.

“It was the easiest photo shoot ever because Delta just sat there eating her tacos and enjoying life while the photographer worked her magic,” said Phillips. “We did get some traditional pictures first. I knew the photographer shared our love of Mexican food so she was a perfect fit for this photo shoot!”

Julia Marie Photography posted photos of the taco smash on Facebook.


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