Man arrested for calling 911 dozens of times, threatening to kill dispatcher

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW CASTLE, Ind. – A man was arrested for calling 911 dozens of times and threatening to kill a dispatcher.

23-year-old Timothy Hill was charged with unlawful use of 911 service and intimidation, which is a felony.

During a three-hour period, late Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, call logs show dispatchers received 25 calls from the same phone number.  Officials say all the calls were traced back Hill’s home.

“911 is for emergency calls. Not pranks. Not practical jokes. It’s not funny,” explains Greg York, New Castle Mayor.

According to the police report, Hill claimed he was the devil in a call.  In another call, he informed the dispatcher that he was going to be the next WWE champion.  Hill’s calls turned violent when he allegedly threatened to kill anyone who showed up at his home and the dispatcher on the other line.

“I think he was a little rattled after the death threat but of course he communicated that to the officers on the street,” explains Scott Pinkerton, co-director of the Henry County.

According to authorities, officers had already been to the home after one of the incomplete 911 calls and Hill had told them he wasn’t the one calling.  When officers went back to the home to check, as they walked away they supposedly saw Hill ‘pull a phone from his pants’ and make a 911 call.

“If someone is abusing the 911 that could cost us time to someone’s mother, father, a heart attack, some elderly person it could cost them life or death,” explains York.

Pinkerton admits they get misdial 911 calls here and there and this recent thread of disturbing calls is unusual.  In the last two years, the Henry County dispatch center has seen 1,200 more calls.

“They’re busier. It seems our call volume goes up every year and it just takes our toll when we have to answer 25 calls in a short period of time from some guy basically pull pranks,” explains Pinkerton.

Minutes before being arrested, when officers questioned Hill he told them, ‘I’m sorry. I’m just bored and wanted something to do.’

“I think he’s bored in jail right now,” explains York.

Jail records show, Hill has bonded out of jail.  When FOX 59 went by his home, no one answered the door.

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