Operator of Indianapolis strip club sued for allegedly exploiting dancers

PT’s Showclub in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Dancers at an Indianapolis strip club are joining a class action lawsuit filed against a national strip club operator for allegedly exploiting its workers.

The lawsuit includes 15 clubs around the country, including PT’s Showclub on Pendleton Pike.

The suit claims VCG Holding Corp and Lowrie Management isn’t paying the dancers any wages and is instead forcing them to pay the club to be allowed to work.

Attorneys for the dancers say they rely entirely on tips from customers, which the club then illegally requires the dancers to share with its bouncers and disc jockeys.

“This case highlights the exploitation of one of the most vulnerable groups of employees, young women working as dancers in adult entertainment establishments,” said the Dancers’ lawyer, Mari Newman. “This is a predatory business that preys on young women who it hopes will be powerless to speak up because of society’s stigmatization of the work they are doing.”

Newman says she expects hundreds of women to join the lawsuit.

The company who owns the clubs declined to comment on these claims.

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