Valentine’s Day is a prime time to catch cheaters in the act

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Valentine’s Day provides an annual windfall for anyone in the flower, candy or card business, but there is another business that also experiences an uptick in activity during the holiday.

Turns out, if you’re a private investigator, Valentine’s Day is an infidelity investigation frenzy.

“You get a lot more requests in that period of time because that is the day where everybody expects their amour to be with them. But when they anticipate that something else is going on, that’s a hotbed of activity for cheaters and all private investigators,” Bobby Goldstein said.

Goldstein is the co-creator and executive producer of the television show “Cheaters.” He says not only do infidelity investigation requests spike during the days and weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day, but the likelihood of successfully catching someone in the act of cheating increases as well.

“They’re more likely to slip up because they have to make two people happy at the same time. When a guy is under that much combustion and stress he’s going to give it up a little bit, and that’s when he can be caught,” he said.

Goldstein says typically three-quarters of his investigations reveal that a spouse was in fact cheating, yet surprisingly half of those couples end up staying together. Though he admits often times those relationships don’t last for much longer.

Jeff Sawyer, a central Indiana-based private investigator says patience and stealth are the two keys to catching cheaters, though Sawyer points out some of those investigations can take weeks.

“You need to predict when those two side lives are going to interact so it’s not just that spouse or that significant other’s schedule; you need to also take into consideration that person they’re meeting up with to see what their schedule allows for,” Sawyer said.

Both Goldstein and Sawyer say the worst part of an infidelity investigation is having to deliver the bad news that someone’s significant other is in fact cheating.

The men say typically there are some predictable “behaviors” that may indicate cheating. They say a sudden change in routine, the sudden guarding of phones, emails, or social media accounts, drastic changes in physical appearance and the inability to account for large amounts of time or money may all be signs of infidelity. But they agree that these behaviors do not necessarily guarantee someone is cheating.

For more FAQS on infidelity investigations and cheating, click here.

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