Temperatures go sub-zero Saturday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Tonight will be cold across central Indiana.  Skies have cleared, there is snow on the ground and a dry, arctic air mass is in place.

Temperatures will drop below zero Saturday morning for the first time since February 2015.


Forecast low temperatures Saturday morning

With the wind, wind chill values will drop to as low as -11° to -17° during the overnight.

Even with ample sunshine Saturday, temperatures will struggle to reach the teens.  It may take several hours for the air temperature to reach double digits.

White line: air temperature | Blue line: wind chill

White line: air temperature | Blue line: wind chill

Winds will be out of the west at 6-13mph keeping wind chills in the single digits.  By afternoon, wind chill values will be 0° to 5° at best.

Forecast high temperature Saturday

Forecast high temperature Saturday

Temperatures should eventually top out between 12° and 15° Saturday afternoon.


Temperatures struggled to reach the teens Friday afternoon.  The 11° in Indianapolis is the coldest high temperature since February 19, 2015.

High temperatures Friday

High temperatures Friday


In the “It Could Always Be Worse” category. You could have been in Wyoming Friday morning where temperatures dropped as low as -40°. That isn’t the wind chill. That is the air temperature!

Low temperatures Friday morning in Wyoming.

Low temperatures Friday morning in Wyoming.


We’ve got a wild ride over the next seven days as temperatures span 54° from Sunday morning to Tuesday afternoon.

A cold front will pass through central Indiana late Tuesday, taking temperatures down Wednesday.  A warm front passes back over the state late Wednesday night, taking temperatures back in to the 50°s Thursday.

Several question marks are present for Friday and next weekend.  Right now, it appears a front will stall over the state.  North of the front, temperatures will remain cool.  Freezing rain/sleet/snow looks possible.  South of the front, temperatures will be warmer – highs in the 40°s – and rain.  This will be ironed out over the coming days.


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