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Wintry mess for the weekend; Another shot of arctic air on the way

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Snow flurries, "heavy flurries" at times, will be possible through the rest of the night in central Indiana.  Skies will remain cloudy and slowly drop in to the upper teens by Saturday morning.

Forecast low temperatures Saturday morning.

Forecast low temperatures Saturday morning.

We may see a few breaks in the clouds mid-morning Saturday but it will likely be short lived.  Mid to high level clouds will quickly return obscuring the sun.  High temperatures should be a few degrees warmer - in the upper 20°s to lower 30°s - Saturday afternoon.  Wind chill values will likely be in the lower 20°s.

Forecast high temperatures Saturday.

Forecast high temperatures Saturday.


We are tracking upper-level energy arriving in the northern Rocky Mountains Friday evening.  We point out the energy because this will aid precipitation development in central Indiana Sunday.

Upper-level energy in Northwest United States will aid precipitation development Sunday.

Upper-level energy in Northwest United States will aid precipitation development Sunday.

A warm front will pass through the state Saturday.  South of the front winds will shift to the south.  Just ahead of the front, precipitation will break out Saturday evening.  This should fall in the form of snow.


There will be a lull in the action by Sunday morning.  However, late morning/early afternoon precipitation will begin to move in to Indiana from the west, ahead of a cold front.  There is still some question as to what form the precipitation will fall.  In Indianapolis and south it should fall as all rain.  North of Indianapolis to near Lafayette - Kokomo - Marion could see a mix of rain, sleet and/or snow.  Some areas may even see some freezing rain.

The precipitation type all depends on a layer of warm air (temperatures slightly above 32°F) forecast to move overhead between 2,500 and 7,300 feet above the ground.  How thick the layer turns out to be in reality will determine what type of precipitation reaches the ground.  If they layer is thinner and cooler, it could be all snow or sleet.  If it is thicker, it will melt the snow falling above the layer, rain will fall.  In this scenario, if temperatures near the surface are at/below freezing, we will see freezing rain/ice forming.  Stay tuned!

While we continue to work on pinning down details concerning Saturday night through Sunday night, it does appear some accumulating snow will be possible with the first wave of snow coming to the area Saturday night in to early Sunday morning.  At this time, it looks like the best chance for any accumulating snow will be north of Indianapolis.  Higher amounts will likely set up on the northern fringe of the CBS4 viewing area.

Computer model snow accumulation projection through Sunday morning.

Computer model snow accumulation projection through Sunday morning.


Long range computer models advertise a couple shots of snow coming to central Indiana next week.  One Tuesday.  Another Wednesday.  Wednesday's snow has some potential to produce an accumulating snow, so we will have to keep an eye on it over the coming days. A blast of even colder arctic air is taking aim on the Midwest for the end of next week.  At this range, it looks like it could be the season's coldest air to date with temperatures dropping in to the single digits by Friday morning. 7-day-pm

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