Temperatures take a dip; Tracking rain and snow for the weekend

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A cold front has passed through central Indiana late this afternoon allowing temperatures to drop 10°-15° from daytime highs.

Two things will help keep temperatures “up” slightly overnight.

  1. Clouds – Will act as a thermal blanket holding in warmth from the Earth.
  2. Winds – Will blow out of the west-southwest at 7-13 mph overnight.  This will help mix the air and keep things from bottoming out.  However, wind chill values will dip to the 20°s.


Overnight lows will fall to the lower to middle 30°s around central Indiana.

Temperatures will be slow to warm Thursday as colder air takes residence.  Cloudy skies will also be the rule tomorrow, helping hold temperatures in check.


Cloudy skies will also be the rule tomorrow, helping hold temperatures in check.  High temperatures should only reach the lower 40°s.  (10°-15° cooler than Wednesday’s high temperatures.)



November 2016 will go in the books 8th warmest on record (since 1871).  November is also the 6th consecutive above normal (temperature) month.


Eyes are on the next weather system to impact central Indiana.  All indications point to it arriving in the state for the second half of the weekend.


The above animation shows upper-level energy (500mb vorticity) forecast Friday evening through Sunday evening.  Where you see the yellows, oranges and reds is where energy is highest.  Notice the slight bend in the white lines over the central Plains at the beginning of the animation.  They take a dip, showing a wave of energy coming towards the Midwest.  This is the upper-level part of the system that will impact central Indiana.

There is still some question as to  how warm/cool temperatures will get.  Currently, my forecast calls for a high of 41° in Indianapolis.  Areas in north-central Indiana will likely only reach the upper 30°s.  There will be enough moisture with this system to produce precipitation.  Right now, it appears it will be mainly rain.  However, locales in north-central Indiana may see snow developing.  At this time it doesn’t look like anything significant, but it is something we will continue to monitor as we get closer to the weekend.

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